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     AMCAS will open their application system for the 2020 application cycle on May 1.

               This is the time when you can begin to enter your information into their application.

          AMCAS will allow you to actually submit your application starting on May 30.

               Does this mean that a month is a reasonable time frame to enter all your data?  Yes, if you are speedy and prepared!   It may actually take you longer.  Be sure to allow yourself enough time to prepare an excellent application.  You may submit while still waiting on MCAT scores and letters of reference.  As long as your part is done…You can also do application updates if necessary.  There are a limited number of sections that can be updated. These sections do not include narrative sections like your personal statement.

          AMCAS does not start sending out submitted applications until June 28.  They will update the application with MCAT scores and such as they are received.

          If you participate in an Early Decision Program, the AMCAS deadline is August 1, but that may also be the deadline for any secondary applications so don’t wait until the last minute for this one either.

          Many Universities, including the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, have a Nov 1, 2019 application deadline.  Some are as early as Oct 1, 2019.  Early submission is better, as many schools start their review of applications before the deadline.  Besides, do you really want to be known as the person who submitted at the last minute?


Have you heard about the CASPer exam?

          MCG and many other medical schools are now requiring it as part of your admission package. It is a computer-based assessment of personal characteristics.  You can visit for more details and to register for the test. (Registration is open now.) Like other tests, it will cost you some money and there is a processing time.  Be sure to check due dates.  The last test date for Regular Decision applicants applying this year is September 26, 2019.


          It might be a good idea to start preparing application materials (or at least thinking about it) now. 

                   Dr. Myers has prepared a medical school application checklist.  It probably needs updating in some details, but it will help you start to think about information you need to gather and documents to prepare.

                   AMCAS also has a guide (actually up to date!) that is similar.  They also have a list of medical schools and their deadlines that you may find useful.

                   It is probably a good idea to consult with your premed advisor to be sure that you are as ready as you can be, that you are aware of all our resources and you know the appropriate timing.  Professors rarely work regular hours during the summer and it is prime vacation season, so people are not always going to be available when you are ready.   Remember, a letter of reference is a favor you are asking, and the last thing you want to do is to annoy the person who is writing it!



It’s way past time to register for the 2019 MCAT.  You might still find a spot, but stop delaying!  On October 15, AAMC launched a new MCAT prep hub.  You will need to create a user on the AAMC website, but you need to do that anyway. Registration is open for ALL 2019 MCAT test dates.  There are many advantages to registering early: more options and less expensive change fees. This page has links to the relevant sites.




General Advising Information

              Premedical Education at Augusta University (general)

                             Handouts for:     Chemistry Majors

                                                                   Biology Majors

                                                                   Psychology Majors



Most Medical School’s requirements are very similar to those for the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University


Current MCG admissions requirements (updated Jan 2018):

1 year of English

                        (English-based composition, Writing, Literature or Communication also acceptable.)

1 year of physics, including lab

1 year College* Biology, including lab

2 years college* Chemistry with at least 2 semesters of lab

                        Must include at least one semester of organic

1 semester biochemistry (May be part of the two years of chemistry)

1 semester of probability or statistics


*Note: AP credits do NOT count as “college” courses;  Thus they can still be used in English, math and Physics but not in Chemistry or biology.

                        1 year = 2 semesters or three quarters or two quarters and one semester.

Online coursework will not be accepted for science classes (BIOL, CHEM, PHYS).



If you are from South Carolina, you might want to look at MUSC


Fact Sheet for the 2020 Medical School Class at MCG. 

(These students started fall 2016!  These results are typical.  How are your grades and MCAT scores?)



PreMed Advisors and their office numbers  (updated September 2018)

          You are encouraged to consult with your premed advisor even while you are being officially advised through the advising center.  These people have extra insights and will be organizing your recommendation letter so get to know them!

Biology majors ...assigned alphabetically by last name

          A – B: Dr. Bates……………..SCI C2004

          C – F: Dr. Abdulovic-Cui...SCI W2007

          G – I:  Dr. Bradford………...SCI W2020

          J – L:   Dr. Sabbatini………..SCI C2014

          M – P: Dr. Cannon…………..SCI C2016

          Q – S: Dr. Davis……….……..SCI  C2018

          T - Z   Dr. Fischer…….….….SCI E2011

Professional Scholars

          Mr.  Vericella…….SCI W2015B

Psychology Majors

          Dr. Best….SCI E1015

Chemistry majors, most post-bacs, everyone else

          Dr. Myers……..SCI C3008




 MCAT Links


AAMC has opened new MCAT prep portal on October 15.              

This is not a direct link to the portal (it requires registration) but it will get you there, as well as to other MCAT information, including registration.


2016 MCAT presentation

                             This will open in powerpoint.  This information about the new test is still mostly relevant.


                   AU Course Mapping

Which AU courses cover the concepts that will be tested on the MCAT?

          This is an Excel spreadsheet.


                   Khan Academy Tutorials


                   Pre-health Collection within MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative



Confused about names?  Join the club!  This is the scoop:

GRU = Georgia Regents University

This is the not so recently departed name of the entire University including the Medical School and the undergraduate programs

    but now they have changed it to:

AU = Augusta University (Although there are a lot of old GRU logos still out there!)

   Still current is

MCG = Medical College of Georgia

                This is the name of the college within Augusta University that houses the medical school. 

   It is confusing because MCG used to be the name of the entire university (that included the medical school) before it was changed to Georgia Health Sciences University (about 2010?) and changed again when GHSU was consolidated with Augusta State University (ASU) and the entire consolidated thing was renamed Georgia Regents University (1/2013) then in September 2015 they said it would be renamed Augusta University and that name officially took effect on December 1, 2015.

See there is no reason to be confused….