Christopher L. Klug, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Georgia Regents University
Department of Chemistry and Physics
1120 15th St., SCI-W3005
Augusta, GA 30912

Office: Science Hall E-3019
Phone: 706-667-4867
Fax: 706-667-4519

Ph.D., Radiochemistry, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2011
M.Lf.Sc. Chemistry, University of Maryland College Park, 2006
B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Secondary Education: Science, University of Maryland College Park, 2002

Teaching Areas
General chemistry, analytical chemistry, instrumentation, nuclear and radiochemistry.

Research Interests
Radiochemistry, actinide and lanthanide chemistry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, nuclear science education.

Poem of the moment:
Hey diddle diddle, what kind of riddle
Is this nature of light?
Sometimes it's a wave,
Other times a particle...
But which answer will be marked right?
Thanks to Science Verse, by Jon Sciezka and Lane Smith

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